"(...) I have not seen or heard such musical virtuosos in a very long time"

Muzyka 21
august 2016

"(...) Phenomenal presentation of Elwira Slazak and Gabriel Collet ..."

Wyborcza Journal
mai 2005

"Axoum Duo is a very aesthetic venture: a pretty Polish woman and a French gentleman."

Filip Łobodziński, Newsweek

"(...) unbelievable piece by two incredible marimba players"

Muzyka 21
august 2016




Uliczne dzieci

Some time ago we recorded few tracks for the polish artist singer songwriter Andrzej "e-moll" Kowalczyk. Finally! the CD will be released in february. Can't wait to listen to "uliczne dzieci" song with marimbas :)


Workshop for the percussion class

Beautiful sunny days during our stay in Jelenia Góra, where we did workshop for the percussion class in the Music School. Thank you Grzegorz Szymański and the Director for inviting us. Pictures on our facebook page !


Lesser Poland

After Australia - Lesser Poland :) We`ve spent 2 days in Korzenna Music School(South of Poland), giving masterclasses. At the end we presented a recital filled with Gabriel's music.  Pictures on our Facebook page.


about us

gabriel collet

Born in France, percussionist – marimba player, composer and arranger. He graduated from Royal Music Conservatory in Brussels (percussion instruments) and Soloist Postgraduate studies in marimba class in Royal Conservatory of Antwerp with the highest merits.


elwira ślązak

Native of Warsaw, graduated from Royal Conservatory of Brussels – percussion instruments and Royal Conservatory of Antwerp – as Postgraduate Concert Soloist studies with focus on marimba. Her diplomas hold the highest merits in all the academies she finished.



Returning Lives

Returning Lives

Premiere: 18'th of March 2017, The Ten Days on the Island Festival, Hobart, Tasmania (Australia).

Returning Lives, an intercultural collaboration between artists from Hobart, Shanghai and Warsaw, combining oil & ink painting, hand-drawn animation and  music, which had its premiere on 18 March 2017 as part of the 2017 „Ten Days on the Island Festival” in Hobart (www.tendays.org.au).


Chopin & marimbas!

Chopin & marimbas!

Premiere: 65 International Chopin Piano Festival— Duszniki-Zdrój (Poland)

It's the only project of its kind in the world, to tribute polish greatest composer. It is also unique chance to show to all the lovers of his music, the most known and most beautiful themes in new and astonishing  arrangement of Gabriel Collet.



The Concerto for 2 Marimbas and Symphonic Orchestra

The Concerto for 2 Marimbas and Symphonic Orchestra

Premiere: VII  J. Waldorff  Summer Festival,  Poland; Elwira Ślązak, Gabriel Collet - 2 marimbas, Świętokrzyska Philharmonic Orchestra, dir. Jacek Rogala.

The Concerto for 2 marimbas and orchestra "Conversation with a stone", inspired by the poetry of Wisława Szymborska (Nobel Prize) is the newest composition od Gabriel Collet.


Marcin Bronikowski & Axoum Duo - baritone & 2 marimbas

Marcin Bronikowski & Axoum Duo - baritone & 2 marimbas

Premiere: F. Schubert  Music Festival - Royal Castle, Warsaw, december 2008.

A  project bringing together an opera voice with 2 marimbas was created in 2008 paving the way for the  unique collaboration between Axoum Duo and the opera singer, baritone Marcin Bronikowski.