David Friedman & Axoum Duo


David Friedman & Axoum Duo at the Closing Concert of the International Marimba & Vibes Masterclasses.
(27'th of April 2013, Radziejowice Palace, Poland)




Part of the soundtrack of Seasons in animal lifedocumentary for Animal Planet channel.


Prélude-Voyage, Tango-Prélude


On the second day of the "Journées de la Francophonie" festival, Axoum Duo - Elwira Ślązak (PL) & Gabriel Collet (FR) - played a concert of 2 marimbas. The tunes featured in this video are: "Tango-Prélude" (based on F. Chopin's Prélude 4 op.28) followed by "Prélude-Voyage" (variations on F. Chopin's Prélude nr. 15 D bémol-majeur op.28), both of which are composed by Axoum Duo's Gabriel Collet. 22.03.2011 at ORATORIUM MARIANUM (pl. Uniwersytecki 1, Warsaw, Poland)


"Die Forelle", F. Schubert


Ballade on F.Schubert`s "Die Forelle" theme by Gabriel Collet - performed by Axoum Duo.