Premiere: 18'th of March 2017, The Ten Days on the Island Festival, Hobart, Tasmania. 

Returning Lives,  an intercultural collaboration between artists from Hobart, Shanghai and Warsaw, combining oil & ink painting, hand-drawn animation and  music, which had its premiere on 18 March 2017 as part of the 2017 „Ten Days on the Island Festival” in Hobart (

Chen Ping  has completed his series of painting called RETURNING LIVES in 2016 and while he was painting he also filmed & documented the process of creating the pictures. The Shanghai animators Zeng Yi Gang and Shen Xi created then create a story drawn from these paintings and  animated the story, so that the animation characters & backgrounds  appear  to visually ‘emerge’ from the paintings themselves as if the paintings had given birth to the moving animation. The animation is  hand-drawn and hand-coloured. Added to this animation, is a musical score composed by French composer and percussionist – Gabriel Collet.

RETURNING LIVES - the exhibition and the screened animation with the score composed by Gabriel Collet and performed live by Axoum Duo would be presented  in  Shanghai  and Hong Kong.


SBS RADIO - Interview with Elwira Slazak  (in polish)

SBS RADIO - Interview with Gabriel Collet (en français)

"PRESTO MUSIC MAGAZINE" - Interview with Axoum Duo (english)   (english)


Pictures  HERE