It's the only project of its kind in the world, to tribute polish greatest composer. It is also unique chance to present to all the lovers of his music, the most known and most beautiful pieces, performed on two marimbas, arranged by Gabriel Collet.

This program shows the compositions in new, astonishing arrangement, like: Nocturne c-minor or Prelude e-minor.

Until now, nobody has arranged so many compositions of Chopin for two marimbas, without taking out any delicacy and sophistication of his music. While listening, we notice an irresistible impression of a perfect harmony coming up with marimbas - instruments of original and deep sound.

This project has already obtained large recognition and interest. As a result the project was presented during Poland tour (65 International Piano Chopin Festival-Duszniki-Zdroj, Warsaw, Gdansk) as well as in Belgium and Sweden.